Zz Top - Ten Dollar Man

(Gibbons, Hill, Beard) 3:42

Mister Ten Dollar Man with that gold in your hand,

Comin' 'round here after sunlight

With your peaches and your Pream

And your rollin' magazine,

Tellin' me you'll make me feel alright.

Now, you'll make me feel alright

Mister Ten Dollar Man with a girl by the hand,

Will this ten-spot take her away?

With his slaver's finance

He winked; Said, "Take a chance."

Don't you know, it happens ev'ry day.

I said it happens ev'ry day.

Mister Ten Dollar Man with that gun in your hand,

Can I get a case of those tonight?

And now you've got the order;

I said it's time to slip the border

Don't you know it happens every day

I said it happens every day

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