Strung Out - Somnombulance

I lie awake again no sleep tonight,

I find no peace in the quiet absence

Of the light

A million whispered thoughts floatin'

Through my head

A million seconds has passed me

By in my bed

One two three now it's four in the

Mornin' as the emptiness swallows

Me on more time

I grow a little older with every

Second that passes

I die a little every time I

Close my eyes

No sanctuary in my dreams,

No quiet place to hide

Every night I swear it's the same

And I don't know where I'll be tonight

But I know sleep will come if

I walk all night

It's been a thousand hours maybe

Even more

Since I fell victim to all the

Thoughts I tried to ignore

Nameless faces and sounds, voices

Screamin' in pain, huddled shadows

And sirens voices calling my name.

Well I can't sleep but I'm not

Awake to this hazy dim version

Of reality.

Hypnotized by everything I

Can't control

Desensitized by everything

That controls me

No sanctuary in my dreams,

No quiet place to hide

Well I can't sleep so

It's here in the dark

I'll make my peace with all that

I've learned

Sanity's just another dream


Maybe with time it'll be alright

Everynight I swear it's the


I walk all night and never ever

Get anywhere

It's taken all my strength,

It's taken all the life that used

To flow deep inside of me


In my dreams I'll find my peace

All of my days are filled with no rest

Maybe with time it'll be alright

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