Steppenwolf - Who Needs Ya

Words and music by Larry Byrom and John Kay

Well, it's sunrise on the freeway as I get back from town

Find you standin' in my boots, kicking my dog around

Empty bottles on the floor

Enough to build a monument

Then you've got the nerve to tell me

Somebody took the rent

Who needs ya'? Think about it baby, who needs you?

Now you can save your lip, just pack your grip

And leave a trail of smoke behind you

Who needs ya'? Can you tell me baby, who needs you?

Who needs you? Think about it baby

Well, who needs you? Can you tell me please?

Last week you pulled another of your tricks

You let your brother move in here with a herd of freaks

They ate us out of house and home

Turned this place into a sty

Darlin' by tomorrow you'll be eatin' humble pie

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright MCA Music (BMI)

All rights for the USA controlled and administered by

MCA Corporation of America, INC

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