Mortification - Medley

[Part 1. Lymphosarcoma]

Kills immunity

Rapes the blood and bone of humanity

Being a living corpse

Grey and scaly skin

Haunted human ghost


God extracted you


Never to return

[Part 2. The Destroyer Beholds]

Disease in your life rots your soul

Wretched hindrance to your growth in God

Recycle countless sin, bondage brings

Wretched hindrance to your growth in God

Look at the young man

Look at his face

What is the reason for this change

Revival in his heart

Causes havoc for the devil

The destroyer beholds

The destroyer beholds

Your faith infested by the flesh

Backslidden in your heart you have no time for God

You don't read the word, what's your case

Backslidden in your heart you have no time for God

[Romans 3:23]

[Psalm 51:10]

[Romans 8:2]

[Revelation 3:15&16]

[I Cor 10:13]

[II Cor 12:9]

[Part 3. Distarnished Priest]

Distarnish Priest

Distarnish Priest

I'm clean, washed in blood

Sanctified inside out

Oh I'm dead to Satan's grasp

Justified by the cross


Vertical convulsion, striven force

Grasp desired service

Hideous onslaught attacks the mind

Vicious intent prevails


Serve your God

Your time will come



Guard your heart, bow before God

Sack cloth and ashes repentance

Radical conversion, zeal of love

Put faith in actions

[Scripture references:]

[1 Timothy 3:1-7]

[Jonah 3 (Whole chapter)]

[Psalm 51 (Whole psalm)]

[Romans 7:13-25]

[Part 4. Love Song]

Thinking about my life so far

Wondering what will be

I need a life that sets my spirit free

So many choises in the world today

How will I survive

So many people let their spirits die

Living within your guidence

Your ways help me survive

When my mind is with you I'm alive

You are the life within me

Resisting the ways of hate

I pledge to you resistance will never die

Love song

This is it

Don't be consumed by the moment eternal life denied

You cannot fill the void without the fire

Wanting to see the world today

Striving for the prize

Second best is not what you desire

Love song

This is it

Love song

This is it

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