Asher Roth - Monday Free

Hey old boss to the wall, man

You softies can't stop me

Ever since I learned golf and some origami, originally

I was not always this so savvy

I learned the tricks to all the systems trekking Abu Dhabi

Not too shabby, top them off when I got speed

Debacle when I boggle Doctor Roth was in the lobby

Tikky talky, tacky falls across the middle

My center field their skill is real

I dive and still you're single

My single never came out cause I was way to baked out

Fuck it, man, I'm straight now

Hit me on that PayPal

Give me what you make, don't make me have to take the stake out

You're making a mistake, for goodness sake

Just take the lake house, fake out

65 000 pounds of gun powder, power

Dumb down, the doofus always talks louder

Don't you know we stupid?

We don't hearing what you talk bout

Acting like the new kid who just moved in from across town

Hawked out, who goes, emperor got new clothes

Got em in Croatia while I'm hanging out with

Two Cokes, one Sprite, two hoes, one dyke

I think you said that you could flow

But dude, there's only one mic

So run like the wind, a fun life with sins

My bum likes the sun light

But some mice is men, so come rider

Don't come, no time for that hoe hum

Thumb suck but, but, paddy face

Know what? We gonna keep it moving

We don't listen to numbnuts

Showing some improvement but your jewels is always untucked

Some puts, no guts, relying on their dumb luck

Why you only standing there?

Get down to come up, what?

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